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Wednesday, July 12, 2006

My personal WIP challenge!

I sat down and made a list of WIPs that I've got laying around ~ I came up with 11 projects!!! Couldn't you just totally faint?

At any rate...I made a list (I'm a visual person and making lists helps me) of all 11 projects in my craft journal and next to each item I put a little box. As I finish each thing I get to put an X in the box ~ like I said, I'm very visual! It's also a great source of encouragement for me to finish those projects as I see another X on the list. And so far, I have 4 X's!!!!! And the list is just over a week old! Hurray for me!!

  1. X Patriotic Doily
  2. X "Needle & Thread" - cross stitch
  3. X "Bee True" - cross stitch (finished 7/18/06)
  4. "Open a New Box Daily" - cross stitch
  5. Shrug - in Lilac Microspun
  6. Sheep Checkerboard
  7. X Afghan from 6" exchange squares
  8. Grey cardigan (knit)
  9. Sweet Mary Jane cardigan
  10. Change purse (from my own design - knit)
  11. X Alchemy Bear

Note: X = completed =)

Updated: 7/19/06


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