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Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Weight loss and grandbaby pic

This is our beautiful little grandbaby Kelly...she is just too adorable in this photo! =) (of course, I'm incredibly partial lol) She's 7 months old now and I'm pretty sure she realizes that she has Grandma wrapped around her tiny little finger. =) She is such a good-natured baby, she smiles ALL the time!

Over the past 7 weeks I have been working hard, trying to whip this old body into shape. I've lost 12 pounds and several inches so far! =) I'm seeing more muscle definition and a noticeable increase in energy. I used to be in tremendous shape ~ I was a runner and rarely went a day without running. But with the leg injuries I've had over the years, running is no longer an option for me. My knee just couldn't take it ~ I know because I tried....I tried like you wouldn't believe. But it just isn't worth the pain or possible re-injury. The good thing is that I've found the motivation to get back in shape and have stuck with it for almost 2 months. They say that anything you do for 3 weeks becomes a habit........ =)


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