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Monday, April 11, 2005

Christian Concert, Birthday, and GhostStitchers

What a weekend I had! I spent Friday and Saturday at the Palace in Auburn Hills at Acquire The Fire with my teens and our church youth Group. By the time we got home around 11 p.m. on Saturday evening I was completely whipped. The whole weekend was amazing, and even though I was completely exhausted both physically and emotionally I had a great time...and to top it all of I GOT TO SEE THE NEWSBOYS!!! :)

Yesterday was my birthday....the __th anniversary of my 26th birthday if you can believe it. Yeah right....remember now...I have a 23 year old son! :) I had a great birthday and one of the gifts my hubby got me was a jewelry box. I haven't had one since our place was robbed back in '98. He also got me a new trellis for my garden ~ a really nice ornate one. My vining rose is going to love it! Oh, and he bought me paint for the bathroom. I know that may sound not so wonderful to most, but to me it's one of the best things he could have gotten! SERIOUSLY! I've been kind of whining about wanting to paint it....it's about time we finished it. lol

It's official...I am now a GhostStitcher (click on the name for more info) I do needlework for a living...can you honestly think of a more fun way to make money? Well, I suppose if needlework isn't your thing you could probably think of about 100 better things to do. But for me this ROCKS!! I got a phone call from them today and I've already gotten my first assignment....it should arrive in a few days. Awesome, huh? :)

Time for me to get off this computer and get my house cleaned up a bit. My Bible study group is coming over for fellowship tomorrow afternoon and I don't want them to be attacked by the dust bunnies I see hovering around under the furniture. I hear they can be pretty vicious (the dust bunnies, NOT my Bible study group) lol

Besides, I would like to have some time to knit today. :) I haven't even touched my needles in days. I'm having some serious withdrawal!


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