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Sunday, April 24, 2005

Busy hands, crochet/knitting withdrawal =(

I have been really busy working on the stitching for Ghoststitchers and haven't done any knitting or crocheting in the past two weeks and am beginning to feel some withdrawal pains. =( The good thing is that at the pace I am working I will finish the project in enough time to get the bonus for early completion.

Just before I started the stitching I had started a crochet saddle bag that will be felted when I'm done. It will be a perfect book bag, like I needed yet another one. lol It's multi-colored and with the felting will be really sturdy. I'll post a pic of the bag in progress as soon as I can get hubby to take a snapshot or two.

I received two crochet afghans from Kathy S. for Warming Families of SE MI. Thank you Kathy! They are beautiful and I know will be most appreciated.

I just realized with my sister getting married this summer I should make something for her as a nice wedding gift. For the wedding or the home? They've been living together for about 11 years and so they don't need anything that you would typically get as a wedding gift. Hmmmmmmmmmm????


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