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Sunday, July 13, 2008

Did I say how much I love days off from work?

I spent most of today knitting and finished the body of the Wicked sweater! (Trust me, the color is prettier in person. I just couldn't get the lighting right with the camera) I was reading through the pattern for the sleeves and can see that I need to make two slight changes.
1. There are NO decreases all the way down....I'm not a big fan of shapless sleeves on a pullover of this type, so I'll be adding some decreases for shaping. I do love the cuff and will be sticking to that, of curse.
2. For a medium it says to knit in stockinette for 18" then do the cuff for 2". Think about it! I have long arms, but even if I ran the sleeve a little long, it would only be 19" for me. I measured 20" from the point where the underarm is when I have the sweater on and a 20" sleeve would fall to the middle of my hand. Just a tad too long, especially considering the fact that the yoke of this sweater sits a bit lower. Glad that I always read ahead a little bit so that I can know what to expect.


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