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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

How'd that yarn get in my bag?

I spent the day in Frankenmuth with a couple of my friends. It's a yearly thing we do, and I love it! We had lunch at Zehnder's and right next door to them is a beautiful little yarn/gift store called Rapunzel's. I swear, I didn't mean to buy yet another skein of sock yarn!!! ;) But once it was in my hands, I just couldn't let go of it. Plus, I also bought a set of size 8 dpns, which I DID need.

This is Berroco's Comfort Sock ~ which is a blend of 50% super fine nylon and 50% super fine acrylic. That equals super soft gorgeous yarn. 100 grams fo $8.95...not too shabby. They had a pair of socks knit up in this exact color and it knits up so beautifully!

I am proud to add that I cast on a pair of socks using the Imagination in Damsel. I didn't have to drive to Frankenmuth this year, so I got to spend the time knitting. I got 4 1/4" of the cuff done. It's a start, but considering how much stash I need to use up...I've got a long way to go! lol


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