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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Knitting socks, the Detroit Zoo, and Iraq

I have been knitting socks and nothing but socks for the past few months. I did finish a top and will hopefully update with pics very soon! (the camera is charging as I type) I found some awesome hand-dyed sock yarn that knits up to look like watermelon stripes. I've got one sock almost complete and it is just too cute!

Last Friday I took the kids and 2 of the grandchildren to the Detroit Zoo. We had a blast!! Kelly was completely obsessed with finding the elephants (can you believe there aren't any there?) We took her into the reptile exhibit and at first she was fine....until one of the snakes moved. She let out such a scream and there was no way any of us could convince her that it was okay. When she was let out of her stroller we did a lot of "chasing Kelly". Here it is my turn:

And now about Iraq: Jessica is home for predeployment leave until this weekend. She ships out to Iraq in less than 2 weeks. Enough said. This is Jes at the Butterfly house at the zoo.


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