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Wednesday, July 26, 2006

My Marine

This is my son Justin, he is a Corporal in the U.S. Marines. He was stationed in Iraq last year, at the base in Al Asad. On May 28, 2005 he was seriously wounded by a roadside bomb just outside of Baghdad. He had very extensive injuries to his legs, including a severed femoral artery and a lot of shrapnel. After a long recovery, several skin grafts and a LOT of prayer, he is as recovered as he ever will be. His legs still give him pain, particularly his left leg which received the worst of the injury. He re-enlisted in November of 2005.

On Monday July 24, 2006 Justin left for his second deployment to Iraq. Hard enough to believe that he can run 3 miles on legs that were so severly injured, but it's REALLY hard to believe that he's back there again!!!

Monday, July 24, 2006

Look what I found!!

A woman I know called me up today and said that she has 3 bags full of goodies for counted cross stitch. This old Mary Maxim catalog was in one of the bags. It's in mint condition, still containing the order form and it even includes 2 yarn sample cards! This thing must have been stored well, because it is in amazing condition! =) It's catalog # 16, while the catalog I got in the mail the other day is #478B. Looking through the old one, I'm figuring it's most likely late 60's, maybe early 70's, just based on the hair styles and some of the clothes the models are wearing.

Cool, huh? =)

Friday, July 21, 2006

The Happy Hooker Chain Gang

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Knit Newborn Hat

Knitted Newborn Hat

Soft Worsted weight yarn -
About 2 oz main color (MC)
and 3/4 oz contrasting color (CC)
Size 8 Needles

CO 54 in CC

Work 1” in seed stitch (row 1, k1, p1 across - remaining rows k all p sts, p all k sts)
Change to MC

Next: Beginning with knit work 3 rows in stockinette

Next: Work 2 rows in knit

Next: Beginning with p, work 6 rows in stockinette

Next: Work 2 rows in knit

Next: Beginning with p, work in stockinette until hat measures 5” from beginning, ending with a p row.

Decrease row: (K2 tog, k next 5) across.

Next row: P across.

Decrease row: (K2 tog, k next 4) across.

Last row: P across.

Cut yarn, leaving a long end for sewing. Thread tapestry needle and weave yarn through top stitches, pull tight to gather. Sew seam. Add pompom if you wish.

(c)Heartfelt Creations 2003

Happy Girl

My personal WIP challenge!

I sat down and made a list of WIPs that I've got laying around ~ I came up with 11 projects!!! Couldn't you just totally faint?

At any rate...I made a list (I'm a visual person and making lists helps me) of all 11 projects in my craft journal and next to each item I put a little box. As I finish each thing I get to put an X in the box ~ like I said, I'm very visual! It's also a great source of encouragement for me to finish those projects as I see another X on the list. And so far, I have 4 X's!!!!! And the list is just over a week old! Hurray for me!!

  1. X Patriotic Doily
  2. X "Needle & Thread" - cross stitch
  3. X "Bee True" - cross stitch (finished 7/18/06)
  4. "Open a New Box Daily" - cross stitch
  5. Shrug - in Lilac Microspun
  6. Sheep Checkerboard
  7. X Afghan from 6" exchange squares
  8. Grey cardigan (knit)
  9. Sweet Mary Jane cardigan
  10. Change purse (from my own design - knit)
  11. X Alchemy Bear

Note: X = completed =)

Updated: 7/19/06